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In the ancient times of Atares, two Lords, the Greater Light Lord and the Greater Dark Lord, sent their Emissaries to the people of the world. These Emissaries came upon hallowed people known as Heroes. These Heroes, after hearing the Element Prophecy, knew what they had to do. They had to join one of the Greater Lords and destroy the other. Half went to the Light and the other half went to the Dark.

 The Lord's had their armies. Now all they needed were commanders. The strongest of each type of warrior became a commander, who took orders from the Greater Lord's Emissary. When they were told to move, they moved.

 Countless battles were fought. Some destroyed villages and towns. Others destroyed the landscape. One of these battles even created a Rift. The Darkness filled this Rift, creating a void between the two sides. The forces of Darkness rejoiced at this, knowing now that the beings they had created were able to visit Atares and aid them.

The Greater Light Lord, however, realized that now he was outmatched. So, in turn, he created the City of Light, a place where the beings who praised the Light could go and worship. This granted the Light Lord with favor from the other minor Gods and Goddesses. Thus, their creations came to the aid of the Greater Light Lord.

But when everything seemed about to be destroyed, the Element Prophecy was fulfilled. A child was born. This child was to become the most regarded Hero of them all. This child would be the beginning of the end.

 But the Greater Lords knew of a darker secret behind the Element Prophecy. This they both dreaded. So, in their dread, they sent out Element Lords. These Element Lords were told to guide the child in the Dark or Light, whichever it chose. They were also told to have the child gather all of the Essence Shards in the world so that the child could form the greatest weapon of all. The Dark or Light Weapon.

But alas, the child died at the age of a young man. The young man, however, had one descendant. This Child, after the years that it grew, would have a descendant of his own. And this would continue for years upon years. So, the Darker Secret of the Element Prophecy was fulfilled.

"The Child's youngest descendant will prevail over the Hero." Was stated at the end of the Element Prophecy. No one knew what that meant, until the first child died. Then it was told that the youngest descendant would rise in the elder's stead. But the bloodline got lost somewhere in the years that followed. Eventually, everyone forgot the Prophecy, and the Lords.

Two thousand years later, the youngest descendant, the one with most of the Elder's blood, was born. Old enemies were stirred. Wounds from the past reopened in the Land of Atares. And worst of all, the creatures revealed themselves from the Rift.

Now the Land is war torn once again with people fighting the creatures and other people. Kingdoms fighting Kingdoms. Everything was thrown back into chaos. And now, with the youngest descendant born, the Greater Dark Lord and the Greater Light Lord's war was reborn. The Element Lords were sent out along with the Emissaries.

Welcome to Atares.

Element Prophecy

In the Darkest night, the blackness from the pits will come and devour the Light. The Lords will send out their emissaries and their armies, ready to defend their homes. One particular Lord, garnered by the name Atarell, was in a Human custom when the call came. He was sent out to aid the Side he Chose.

Just after he left, another Lord came and took Atarell's lover. This Lord, from the Dark, was going to use her to get at the Light. The Grudge of Terrenfael became known as the siege of the city Terrenfael commenced. And during that siege, the Child of the Lords was born.

This Child would be the savior for one side and shape the world from which it emerged.  But the child would not survive. At a young man, the Disease from the Lord's Blood would infect him and kill him. But his Child, the one most pure, would be his successor and form the newest world.

Thus Emissaries and minor Lords were sent out. They are to guide the Hero that is going to rise. This Hero, the one most pure, will define the world into which the species will survive and live. Many will claim to be this Child and when put to the test, fail. The Child's youngest descendant will prevail over the Hero.

Be not deceived by the ones who are false, for their's is the lot of the Dark. Find the Light, young Hero, and defend this world of yours. Bear the weight and the strength of many races and fight off the enemy! Gather the Elements into one and create the Master Weapon. The one that will destroy the foes. Gather your allies and gain faith. Bear this all....with the Clearest Mind and Strongest Heart.


(Subject to Change.)