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 Bash: A regular hit. Low to medium damage.

Buff Up: Increases strength and vitality by five for twenty minutes.

Def Up: Increases your defense by five for twenty minutes.

Crush: A more powerful attack that crushes bones. Inflicts stun for three seconds.

Roar: A furious roar. Knocks back enemies. An AoE attack.

Dual Wield: Allows a character to wield two melee weapons instead of one.

Feed Pet: Character can feed pet.

Jump Attack: The character jumps and attacks as they come down. Inflicts high amounts of damage.

Fell: An attack that knocks the enemy(ies) down and confuses them for three seconds. AoE.

Slash: A strong, close range attack. Does high amounts of damage.

Attribute Switch: Allows character to take five points off of Vit. and adds it to Str.for thirty minutes.

Bone Shatter: The strongest attack for the warrior. Allows the character to deliver a bone shattering blow that stuns the enemy for seven seconds.


Strike: A powerful attack that throws back the enemy. Does high amount of damage.

Ram: An attack that rams the character's shoulder or shield into the foe and knocks them back, effectively stunning them for ten seconds.

Instant Kill: Instantly kills the enemy at the cost of 5k Health. (Note: Does not work on bosses.)


 Light Energy: Tendrils of a white light wrap around the character, giving them invincibility for thirty seconds.

 Heal: Allows the character to heal their wounds and that of their allies.

 Pray: Allows the character to receive more magic through praying to their god.

 Ultimate Prayer: Allows the character to strike the enemy with a strong holy energy.

Dark Knight

Dark Energy: Tendrils of a dark light wrap around the enemy, effectively immobilizing them for ten seconds.

Soul Eat: The character becomes a shadow of himself/herself and enters the enemy, devouring their soul. Does a great deal of damage to an enemy but minimal damage to a Boss.

Torment: Must have used Soul Eat. This attack enables the character to control the enemy for a short time and inflicts damage on them. Works on regular enemies but not a Boss.


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Beast Tamer

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