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About Phylux Gaming

We are a rather new community site. We have multiple games in production. This is the permanent site for Phylux. We are always looking for people to come and help us out.  If you're thinking that you're great, use the Contact Us form and let us know!

Updates will appear in our Updates section. They will list the updates made and to which game. The link for Updates can be found as a sub-link from Game's Information on the game's main Page.

The forums for Phylux Gaming can be found at Phylux Forums and that is where you can post whatever is allowed in the forums. You will, however, have to sign up again to post on the Forums. Please look at Rules to see what you can and can not post.

Answers to the Question of the Day can be posted in the Contact Us link. Please follow the instructions for the QotD.

If you have any questions, please use the Contact Us function. When one of us receives it, we will get back in contact with you. Thank you. Have fun.

Question of the Day!

Though the Day is Light and the Night is Dark, why must the midday be between Dark and Light?

The Team (coming soon)







Some Heads Up-

  • We shall be working on the Questions of the Day so we are prepared to begin asking them when we are ready.
  • We are working on the games of Phylux so we can get them ready to be formally made.
  • It may take some time to publish the games and get them working but we're on it.