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Altars of Essence

 Based in the Medieval Times when magic and myths existed, the player sets out on an adventure spanning time and other realms. But also getting in their way is the Lord of Light and of Darkness. The player must choose a side and fight the opposite. Factions will be made and player's will battle it out. Choose your side, and your God, and then roll out and fight for your life!

The player can choose their side. With the Light, the player will gain more favor among the greater peoples of the world and become a character that the NPCs will greet with warmth and familiarity. The player will also be able to get Noble status.

With the Dark, the player will gain favor among the scoundrels of the world. The player will also be despised by the NPCs but still receive the same prices as anyone else out of fear. Thus, the player will gain Fearful status.

But with the world about to fall apart and monsters appearing from Rifts and crevices, the people of Atares are looking for a hero of any Alignment. With this Alignment, you'll also have access to specific items. But with each choice, a consequence is involved. Be wary of what you choose.

Atares is torn in two and only the player can set it right. Whether it's Darkness or Light that takes over the world, the player's influence will cause most of the destruction or salvation. Which is your side?

Cryo Online

 What the people of Earth didn't realize is that when the Virus hit the System, the players of the world would start to disappear inside themselves and quite possibly never come out. When a certain player almost falls to this, they make it a point to fight the Virus and save the system. But just like in any kind of challenge, it does not always go the way it should. The player is going to have to face many challenges and try to find the way to get around, or through, those challenges to save the system and the Cybernetic Community.

Along with the player is a Protoradon (Protor for short), a pet made to combat the Virus and everything it brings into existence in the game. These Protors not only protect the player in the game but also prevent the Virus from infecting their character. Unfortunately, they can only protect the character for so long. After a certain point, the character can start to get infected and soon become part of the virus.

 Many things are possible in Cryo. Be patient and fight to save the Cybernetic Universe, no matter what. But be sure to watch out for any and all tricks made by the virus and the rewritten data. Have your protor by your side and pray you will always win.

Reminiscing Online

 Based in another world entirely, Reminiscing Online shows the story of a character going through some of the toughest times. With different races to choose from and a load of different classes (about six per race), the player can change up his Gem Formations.

Gem Formations are cards where the player can put different Gems. These Gems are not ordinary Gems but ones crafted from the Gods. A player can hold only ten of these Gems. The Gems allow the player to become a superior being that can inflict massive damage to an enemy for a certain amount of time. But, the player would need the Gem Formation Card for that.

The Gem Formation Card (GFC) allows the player to create their superior being. The player can hold two, yes only two, GFCs and one Ultimate GFC. The player gets their first GFC once they complete the necessary quest. Then after that, once they get enough Gems, they can get another GFC. There are different types of GFCs too. You've got Humanoid, Beast, Raptor (Bird kinds), and also Serpent (Scaled beings like lizards and dragons etc.). The Ultimate GFC are the two GFCs the player is holding combined. The Player can modify the Ultimate GFC to fit his/her need, but only once.

The Player will, however, have to team up with others that are able to do the same feats as them and have to choose which side shall win. Which side all depends on the race the player chooses and what story line the player decides to follow. After the player completes one story line, they can then move onto another one. There are four story lines in all. Plus one extra.

Have fun becoming who you really want to become!


 CyArU stands for Cyber Arsenal Unit. The player is a Cyborg who is the latest update, capable of things that the previous ones were not. For instance, where the other Cyborgs fell to a Virus that makes them go haywire and destroy everything else, and then eventually themselves, the player is able to battle the Virus and prevent it from taking over. But that is at the cost of an item called the Net Prevention Impedance. (NPI for short.) This allows the player to save himself/herself from becoming Crazed.

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